Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bunny Birth Record

Bunny birth record done for a friend for a baby shower gift. It came with washable black paint that she was to dip his feet in and stamp the cloth with. I haven't received pics of the final piece. 5 x 7 done on Aida cloth.

Stitched Jewelry

Stitched jewelry made for Christmas presents. Various sizes, necklaces, earrings and bracelet done on metal forms.

Punch Needle Daisies

Punch needle daisies, done for a friend's birthday gift. 5 x 7 framed, done on printed weaver's cloth.

Light Effects Patchwork Heart

Pretty project done for me. Someday I'll have a pretty office wall. 5 x 7 done on Aida cloth with Light Effects thread from DMC. I also put together the fabric "matting" and framed it. Most detailed project I've done!

Hydrangea Needlepoint

Hydrangea Needlepoint, done for my bathroom. 6 x 6.